Always saying yes, even when the answer is a resounding NO?

Often absorbed in the drama of others?

Taking on the problems of others often enough that they take over your life?

Losing yourself in other peoples feelings, thoughts and emotions?

Feeling drained from other people’s energy?

Picking up on all of the negativities of those around you?

IF so, you might be struggling with setting boundaries in your life.

It’s not always easy to eliminate others from our lives, especially if they are family. Instead, we can benefit from establishing strong boundaries that protect ourselves and allow us to foster our best, balanced lives.

Let’s start, right here.


A boundary is essentially an invisible line that protects us from others, especially when we feel that push-pull to say ‘NO!’ While they are often seen as only emotional or physical, energetic and financial boundaries are just as important.

There are many factors that may come into play to encourage us to ignore our boundaries, including guilt, shame, low self-esteem or self-worth, our childhood upbringings, culture or even where we are born. Together, they all play a part in contributing to our belief systems. When we don’t know how to set healthy boundaries, we will often subconsciously create ways to assert them in a fashion that is unsupportive or unhealthy.

In specific, as we experience trauma during childhood, we are more likely to develop limiting belief systems. These beliefs reinforce the idea that we should feel guilty or shameful for our boundaries. We are brought up to believe that it is wrong to have our own thoughts and feelings, with the sentiment that family always comes first.

Having poor or no boundaries can have detrimental impacts on all areas of our lives, including:

  • Leading to toxic relationships
  • Causing us to feel depleted
  • Contributing to health challenges, including burnout
  • Reducing financial stability, depleting our money
  • Eroding our self-esteem and self-worth
  • Getting caught up in the manipulations of others
  • Subconsciously creating illness as a way to avoid having to do the things we don’t want to do
  • Ultimately, respecting our boundaries is a critical element to establishing and respecting who we are and protecting our health, well-being and energies.



Focus on healing core narcissistic parental wounds, traumas and belief systems to break free from manipulation while leaving you feeling stronger than ever before. We will learn about dysfunctional boundaries, how they are created and heal these patterns. The result? You will finally have the chance to disentangle from the beliefs, feelings and energies of others, strengthening your own energetic boundaries instead. This leads to increased energy and clarity while feeling lighter and being able to make decisions easier.



  • Clearing patterns that subconsciously limit your possibilities (emotionally, physically, energetically, financially, etc.)
  • Eradicate unhealthy patterns associated with poor boundaries
  • Create your own energy field, separate from others
  • Free yourself from unhealthy obligations and responsibilities to family and friends
  • Clear patterns associated with guilt and shame that contribute to mental chatter
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Levelling up relationships

Now is the time to finally feel comfortable saying ‘NO!’ to the things that you DON’T want in a class that will benefit all areas of your life. This is the beginning of an important process that will start healing patterns that have maintained us in a loop for far too long.





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"Laura’s knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, kindness, softness and teachings is amazing and powerfully profound. She not only teaches but also takes time to offer every course participant their own unique healing. Everything taught by Laura is easily understood - and you can download the information for access later on. I always found that I can be myself when learning with Laura, something I loved the most. I will always be thankful for everything that Laura has done for me and the profound powerful healing sessions of her teachings."


Anita Chahal, London

"I am proud to say that I released 4 kilos in weight within a week of the end of my class with Laura. I manifested two large sums of money, a television opportunity and the growth of my business. I will always be thankful for Laura’s extraordinary facilitation and would highly recommend taking one of Laura’s online courses. Thank you again!"


Shirley Joffe, London

"Laura is a fantastic intuitive teacher with extensive knowledge and experience. She has an amazing way to get through to you. If you would like to release self-limitations or heal your past, I would highly recommend working with Laura. She works like magic! After a couple of sessions, she got to the bottom of issues very quickly which helped me to feel great. After accessing some of her online healing classes, I immediately felt a release and shift of energy. Whether you are embarking on a course or taking an individual session with Laura, you won’t regret it!"


Giada Tramonti, London


Throughout our lives, most of us can relate to a time where we settle in circumstances that feel uncomfortable or untrue to what we REALLY want. Throughout her webinars and courses, Laura has helped countless clients eradicate unhealthy childhood patterns born from abuse. These patterns have likely followed you throughout your entire life, hindering your abilities to reach your full potential.

For instance, a main factor in lack of boundaries is when we are raised by parents who are narcissistic, see us as their belongings or as an extension of themselves. This inhibits us from developing our own sense of self to guide our decisions. We are taught that we must share everything in our lives with them and feel guilty finding any sense of joy ‘outside of the family.’ In turn, when we do not fulfill the expectations of others, we feel guilty, as if we are ‘not enough’ but that could not be farther from the truth.

As we release ourselves from our parental energy fields, we find ourselves free to experience exponential growth and increased happiness, in all areas of our lives.


Laura Mason is a world-renowned leader in the area of healing transformation around trauma. She has over 12 years of experience revolutionizing the lives of thousands of clients from every continent, using a unique approach that empowers them to break free from the cycles of abuse to create an empowered and prosperous life. Laura’s process around eradicating trauma comes after experiencing complex trauma that left deep emotional scars. These scars resulted in her feeling depressed, anxious, irritable, even suicidal. It left her with no energetic boundaries, taking on everyone else’s energies as she absorbed everything that came her way. She also suffered from poor health and unstable relationships. Instead of letting the past overtake her, Laura was committed to taking charge of her life with a rewarding career that serves others who have experienced similar challenges. She actually felt the true experience of joy for the first time after her first healing session.

Today, she uses her unique abilities to guide clients from trauma to transformation, promoting a massive shift from victimization to empowerment. Laura is a Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist that specializes in trauma. She is also qualified in Hypnotherapy, a Theta Healing Instructor (by a Certificate in Science holder), and a certified Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

Today, Laura is happily married and sees life as the greatest adventure. She loves to travel, experience new cultures, and meet new people. But her one true love is her work, and she is fortunate to do something that she is passionate about every day.


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